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when you make him moan


when you make him moan

Part 3 of editing

Lukkus pulled it off the rest of the way and blew out a heavy breath as he saw her perky breasts. “They’re… perfect.” He kissed her hard as he palmed them, one in each hand. He smoothed over her nipples with his thumbs and squeezed them hard. Lilly hissed softly and whimpered. She’d always been pretty proud of her breasts, they were big and perky and sans silicone. “Oh… fuck.” Lukkus leaned forward and suckled her nipple gently. “I want to go so easy on you… I want to explore you… but fuck… I need you. I need you my way.”

            Lilly whimpered, “Can we find a middle ground? Like really, really rough, normal sex?”

            “Just tonight,” he murmured and pushed her on the bed. He pulled her panties down and dove between legs.

            She squealed and arched her back, “Fuck!” she shouted.

            A moan from him came up as he started to lick and nip at her sex, savoring her sweet taste. “God, you’re perfect.”  He’d pushed two fingers deep into her sex and started to pump them as he worked his mouth.

            Lilly’s body arched and her hips rolled, working against that sinfully sweet tongue of his, “Mmmph, Daddy,” she purred.

            Lukkus’s eyes rolled back as his hips worked into the bed. Her core was tight on his fingers and she moaned as he pushed in a third finger, stretching her more. “I’m gonna work the entire fist in, babygirl,” he said up to her.

            “F-fist?!” she arched, “Ohhh godddd,” Lilly looked down at him.

            He leaned up to her face and kissed her hard. “You gotta trust me on this, ok babygirl?” He pressed his thumb against her sensitive nub, rubbing it gently. “Your body stretches… it’ll feel good, I promise… Just keep getting wet like you are… it’ll be great, Princess. It’ll make Daddy happy.”

            Lilly’s toes curled and she nodded, “Yes, Daddy… Mmmyeah.” she whispered, for some reason trusting this man completely. She needed to know what it was like. To explore this unknown realm.

            Lukkus kissed down her body, making her squirm gently, as he gently pushed in a fourth finger, curling them gently. His phone went off and she feared they’d be cut off soon. However, he ignored it and went to work on her sex. It was only when it went off, a different ringtone, that he shot up, terror written on his face. “I have to take this.”

            Lilly whimpered softly, “Okay… Okay… Go ahead,” Lilly fell back against the bed and stared at the ceiling.

            Lukkus answered the phone, his cock no longer stiff but soft behind his slacks, saddening her a little. “Hello?” he asked stiffly. He let the female on the otherside speak rough to him as he sagged against the counter. “No… No… I’ll get there… No… just… gimme some time, I have to-“ The female took off again before there was a pause and his body softened to a different voice. “No… hey… No, Daddy’s coming… I promise. I’ll be there.” He hung up. “I have to go… Let me take you home… I don’t know when I’ll be back here, so I don’t want to leave you here alone for maybe days.”

            Lilly sat quietly as she watched him. Studied his gate, the way his muscles moved, tensed and relaxed. “… It’s… Okay.” she sat up and got dressed rather quickly, “What’s wrong?” She asked, looking up at him.

            He rubbed his face and she wanted to touch his stubbled jaw again, kiss it softly. “The kid… my son… he ah… he’s really sick and he’s in the hospital again… He got weak and fell… down the stairs. He’s banged up bad.” He pulled on his shirt and she watched those long fingers button up the front. “I want to continue this sometime soon.” He dropped a kiss on her mouth before grabbing one of his jackets, a leather jacket that she touched gently. A beautiful, rich, dark brown. “You’re going to want that. We’re going on a bike ride. I need speed.”

            “… Oh that’s terrifying,” Lilly said about both the kid and the motorcycle, fear riding up her spine. “Ah… Well I look at it this way… You’ll have a reason to see me again, right? I got your jacket.”

            She let him lead her downstairs. “Trust me that jacket’s not a good enough reason to see you again..” He opened the garage revealing the thirteen other vehicles he owned. He snagged two helmets as he moved towards the bike and turned to face her. “You are a good enough reason to see you again.” Lilly looked offended at first. Then he managed a good back peddle and was less pissed off. He helped her into the jacket and put the helmet on. He hit a button on the helmets. “We can talk just fine in these now… Just hang tight to my waist, you can press your face into my back.” He straddled the bike. “Sit.” She straddled the bike, found good footholds and began praying.

            He started the bike and opened the garage door. “It’s ok, babygirl… Daddy’s going to take care of you,” he said gently. His vice was crisp in her ear and she let out a deep breath. Even in her fear his voice was beautiful. He revved the engine before taking off. He leaned forward on the crotch-rocket, her body tight against his, speeding in the dark. He kept his lights off even though it was pitch-black. He had to be hitting like a hundred and twenty on his speed. Lilly shut her eyes tight and fought to not scream in his god damned ear. Oh yeah. She was so sure she was going to die.

            “Babygirl, where do you live?” he asked as he slowed down. She sat up slowly and looked around, wide eyed, noticing they were at the city’s limits and flipped on his lights.

            “2140 McKinely st.” Lilly chattered out.

            Lukkus nodded as he took off again, not nearly as fast. It took him fifteen minutes to stop at her place. “I guess I do need the helmet sometime as well.” He pulled off her helmet then his own. “I like you in my jacket,” he said and kissed her hard, dominating her lips.

            “Thennn I think I’ll keep the jacket.” she winked and kissed him back.

            “Don’t share those,” he said and got on the bike.

            “Mmm… Don’t keep me waiting forever and I won’t share them,” she pulled her keys out of her pocket and headed up to the door.

            When she got to the door, he straddled his bike. “Look me up and call my work. I’ll let my secretary know to give you my number.” With that, Lukkus pulled on his helmet and sped off into the night.

part 2 of editing

"Sounded sort of like a doting father for like .2 seconds," Lilly fixed her hair as they heard her friend practically tearing the house apart.

            Right, so she didn’t know about the kid and wasn’t a sub. “Of course,” he muttered and opened the door to a fuming female. “Here she is, safe and sound,” he murmured gently.

            “Lilly!” The brunette exclaimed and pulled Lilly against her chest, holding her protectively. “Did he hurt you? Are you ok?” She kissed her hair. “Let’s go home, please?”

            “Do you guys need a lift? Or anything?” Lukkus asked, crossing his arms.

            “Ow, ow, owww!!!” Lilly cried, her hands shooting up to her head, “I’m fine, I’m fine! Just lighten up on the vice grips.”

            Lukkus shook his head as he watched the other female loosen her hold with a quiet sorry. “Maybe you two should stay here for the night. You both look very shaken and my house maid can prep a couple rooms for you both,” he said genuinely concerned. His phone lit up and he frowned, a special ringtone for his kid for his I.C.E. phone. “Excuse me.” He answered it as he stepped away.


Lilly nodded as Lukkus stepped away, “… T.” she whispered, “Do you /know/ who that is?” she hissed.

            “No, and I don’t rightfully care. Do you know how worried sick I’ve been? Lilly, I haven’t seen you for three hours! I almost called the cops.” Her eyes were teary. “Please,  can we go home?”

            Lilly paused as she heard Lukkus hissing something into his phone down the hallway. “Well why are you using his phone to bitch at me? I’m not supposed to provide for fucking you, dumbass!” Lukkus sneered into the phone.

            She shook her head and looked at Tara. “That’s Lukkus Smith. He owns Smith Airlines. It’s thee most lucrative airline in the Nation and England. He’s on the fuckin’ news all the damned time. He’s a good friend to have around.” Annnnd now she sounded like a gold digger.

            “I don’t give a damn,” she whimpered and then sighed, softening up. “You know what? If you wanna stay here then fine. Be with him. I know you want to anyway…” She looked down. “I was just so worried… I wouldn’t have come if I knew…” She cleared her throat. “Use protection. Call me in the morning or anytime… Don’t let him bully you around.”

            “No.. T…” Lilly grabbed her hand gently and snuggled into her side, “I’m sorry I worried you… Zach was… Well Lukkus found us and he stopped him… and then I passed out.”

            “Oh Flower,” she whispered, using her favorite pet name. “I’m so sorry…” Tara kissed her hair. “But seriously… Stay. You deserve a good night.”

            Lilly jumped as Lukkus yelled down the hall“DAMMIT, ASHLEY, Shut. Up. Leave me the hell alone! Go deal with this yourself! It has nothing to do with him,” he snapped and hung up.

            She held onto her friend, snuggled into her warmth, “No… I don’t want to make you have come all this way just to be like ‘sluuuumber partyyyy’. I couldn’t.”

            “Really, it’s ok… Besides, I like having the bed to myself sometimes.” She kissed her cheek. “Don’t worry about me… I got a number the other night… Maybe I’ll hit it up and get a booty call,” she laughed and rubbed her back. She looked over her shoulder. “Here he comes… It’s cool. Get that ass…”

            Lukkus’s hand ran through his hair, trying but miserably failing at hiding his brooding mood. “So you two staying or what.”

            “Iiii-“ Tara drew out the single-letter word, “-am not. She is. TOODLES!” she giggled and headed towards the entrance. “Love you, Flower! Call or text me!”

            “Tara you little shit,” Lilly called after her. She turned to face Lukkus and was suddenly very aware of how large the man was, “… You seem mildly upset,” she cleared her throat.

            Lukkus eyes settled down on her and he sighed, some of his anger visibly ebbing. “Well… there’s some… family drama and I don’t need to deal with it. It’s nothing to do with me or… yeah me.” He shook his head and stroked her cheek. “So just us then?”

            “I suppose it is just us. Apparently she got a number a few days ago…I think it might be this real hot redhead she was chatting up at the bar,” Lilly shrugged and smiled at him, “So I know I’m not the epitome of health and healing right now, buttttt…”

            He shrugged. “Healthy is just a perk.” He touched her lip, barely missing her split. “I just… Maybe your friend shouldn’t have left just yet… I’m sure I’m not what you’re used to… I don’t play nice in bed,” he said seriously and stroked her cheek. His arms crossed over his large chest. “I’m into that kink you read out about. 50 shades of my sex is better than that book can offer.”

            Lilly blinked a few times and arched her perfect eyebrow, “Excuse me?”

            “I like hard sex, Lilly. Control. Power. I have demands and needs in my sex life that need to be met. I’m not into that ‘oh let’s make love’ shit. Yeah, I’ll do it. Yeah, I kinda like it, but it’s just so bland.” He shrugged. “You can still stay, I won’t force anything on you, but if you want to be with me, that’s where I am…”

            “… I’ve… I’ve never done anything but boring old missionary shit,” Lily turned 50 shades of red.

            He looked her over and pulled her close. “Are you willing to try otherwise?” he asked and he began nip down her  slender neck. “Because God, I’d go easy on you just for you,” he purred against her pale skin.

            Lilly arched into him and nodded slowly, “Mmm… I’m willing to try just about anything once,” she buried her nose against his skin and her eyes fluttered shut as she breathed in his scent. Masculine, musky… some what mysterious.

             She gasped as Lukkus growled and pressed her against the wall, his hips pressing against her. His lips came down on hers gently, but with a lot of fire, trying not to hurt her with a wound he didn’t give her. His big arms lifted her gently and took her to his room. “Are you sure?” he asked.

            “Look I don’t give a fuck if it’s normal boring sex or something new,” Lilly breathed and kissed him, “I need you.” Her pale fingers quickly began unbuttoning his shirt.

            He groaned as he watched her, contemplating what to do next. “I’m not going all out on you… but you need to listen.” He stilled her hands. “You’ll do as I say, if not? There’s consequences. Pain before hand is the pleasurable kind, not so much if you’re not a good girl. Secondly, I need a safe word, one that will tell me to stop. ‘No’ is not an option, nor is ‘stop.’”

Lilly watched his big hands over take her own hands, “… I’m not sure what word would work,” she leaned down and kissed his knuckles, “so… this is more than just like… naughty teacher and slutty student roleplay?” Lilly asked.

            “A lot different,” he said sternly, but brushed away a lock of hair to seem less intimidating. “Any word. First word to come to your mind that’s not typically said in sex… or would you like for me to give you one?” he asked and tugged her hips flush against him. He rolled his hips letting her feel his heavy length. “I grow impatient easily.”

            Lilly’s look of surprise must have been priceless, “Pick a word,” she breathed and rolled her hips against him, her mouth dropping open slightly.

            “Honeybear.” He shoved her down on the bed. “I’m going to grab a condom. Undress to your bra and panties.” He stepped back and turned towards the bathroom, just a bit of hesitation in his steps.

            Lilly nodded slowly and kicked off the pristine white leather platforms, shimmied out of her tight black skinny jeans, and tossed her loose, low cut, arctic white blouse off to the side. She was left in just very pale lilac panties and a matching bra. She stretched out on the bed and waited for him to come back.

            Lukkus came back and sat on the bed. “You… are… Amazing…” He pushed his hand up her smooth leg before he pulled off his shirt gently. “Come sit on my lap, princess,” he purred.

            Lilly squirmed under his touch and bit the opposite side of her lip, “fuck,” she whimpered and crawled into his lap, “… What… What do I call you?” she asked as she settled against his chest. Somehow Lukkus didn’t feel right for this.

            “Call me,’Daddy,’ babygirl,” he purred and kissed her neck, his hands roaming up her sides, fire burning low in her belly. “Take your bra off.”

            “Wait wait wait,” Lilly breathed, “you’re not one of those weird guys that has a thing for incest?” she whispered the last word.

            “What? Fuck no. That’s gross…. It’s the principal… If you’re my good girl you’re rewarded, if you’re a bad girl, you’re punished and I will care for you like a Daddy would. Feed you, clothe you, give your needs, but no… No incest. You’re not related to me.” He flicked his eyes to hers. “Now, bra.”

            She nodded and leaned down to kiss him, “Sorry it’s just… it threw me off for a moment…” she leaned back, “Daddy,” she tested it out on her tongue and smirked when it felt good to her, “damn. Now I’m gonna wanna say it all the damn time,” her arms moved around behind her back and unhooked her bra.

part 1 of editing

Lukkus lay the girl out on his bed gently. He shouldn’t have taken her to his car. Should not have taken her to his place. And more than fucking definitely, Should. Not. Have. brought her to his room. To his bed. He moved gracefully to the bathroom and returned with a small cup of water and a rag. He dipped the rag in the water and started to dab away some of the blood that tinged her hair. Upon further inspection it wasn’t a platinum blonde, but a silvery color, something gorgeous. He stroked the curls gently. “You truly are a princess,” he muttered. Jesus, normally he took advantages over girls, but this woman, she was doing it… unconscious. “Fuck,” he muttered and stood, running his fingers through his hair and he began to pace. Her phone went off and he checked it. A picture of the girl she was with at the club. He answered the small device.

            “LILLIAN ROSE!” the girl shrieked through the earpiece. “WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?”

            “She’s at my place unconscious. Will you come get her? She w-“

            “Who the hell are you!? You better not hurt her!” she threatened, whined, and whimpered all at the same time.

            “Hey, lady, she’s safe. Just come get her. She was attacked and I was trying to keep her safe. I’m at 6723 London Lane. It’s four minutes from the club outside of town. There’s a gate. The code is 9393. Come in and get her,” he snapped and hung up.

      Lukkus’s eyes moved to the bed as he heard the tiny female whimper softly, hearing one side of his conversation. Her brows were furrowed gently and she slowly opened her eyes, hissing at the light when it hit her eyes, “fuck,” she mumbled and covered her eyes with her small hands. 
He saw it took her a moment to realize exactly where she was… Well. Exactly where she wasn’t. “Where the fuck am I?” She sat up quickly, with that head trauma, probably really wishing she hadn’t.

            Lukkus instantly put his hands up. “You remember I saved you from that guy? My name is Lukkus Smith, owner of Smith Airlines. You’re at my place where you’ll be safe until your friend from the club gets here to pick you up. She’s on her way and you can leave whenever.” He slowly pulled out his wallet and ID, handing it forward. “You’re safe. I won’t come near you if that’s what you want.”

            Confusion crossed her face for a moment. “Oh yeah,” she said stupidly. “Thank you,” she waved the ID off he was offering and slowly clamored out of bed. She scooped up her white leather pumps from beside the bed, “Thank you for calling T, for me.” she yawned softly. “… Great… Now I get to home to an even more pissed off boyfriend.”

            “One, I didn’t call her, she very angrily called you… and two, he’s been picked up by the police, so I wouldn’t worry about him. He’s going to be locked away for a long time. Longer than most sentences because of me.” He crossed his arms gently. “Can I get you anything? A place to stay so you don’t have to worry about him when he gets out. Are you in any danger from anyone else?” he asked, gritting his hands into fists so he wouldn’t reach out and stroke her hair, her cheek… all of her.

Lilly stared at him for a long time, “… Other than my landlord once a month, no.” she shrugged. “Well and poverty.” Lilly frowned and her eyes traced over his body, making him want to pin her against the wall, and bit her lip- and then winced. “Fuck, again?” she sighed softly and touched the split in her lip. “Mannn…”

            Lukkus couldn’t stop the words from tumbling out of his mouth. “Let me take care of you then,” he murmured and stepped forward to cup her cheek. “I’ll take care of you…” He cursed as he realized what he said and pulled his hand back. “I’ll uh…” He cleared his throat. “Let me get you a thing of chapstick,” he muttered and moved to the bathroom.

            “The fuck is wrong with you Lukkus?” he cursed low to himself as he moved. “Quit being so fucking stupid,” he muttered as he snagged it. “Here…” he said offering to her, looking down at the floor. Anywhere but at the young beauty.

            Lilly’s face was a mixture of curious and confused, and boy did he ever want to ask what was on her mind… and more. “… I’m…” She took the Chapstick and rubbed some on her finger before dabbing it on her lip. She was clearly in a good amount of pain. “Thank you for everything,” she stepped toward him.

            Lukkus’s eyes tracked her like prey and he was the hungry predator. “You’re welcome.” He looked her over and shoved his hands into his pockets. If he let himself touch her again he wouldn’t stop and she could not deal with what he needs. Not right now anyways, but hell, he’d do it vanilla for her. Well, ok… not quite completely vanilla.

            “… So… How… How long until my friend gets here?” Lilly asked as she edged ever closer to him. He was close enough to catch her scent.

            He leaned in close and nipped her ear. “Not long enough… but…” He put his address and the code to the gate in her phone. “Come by here some other time.” He pulled out a fifty and placed it atop of her phone. “Cab money. I want to see you again.” He handed her her things and let his hand fall down slowly, grazing the side of her breast and waist.

            Lilly’s eyes closed slowly as he touched her. “Oh you will,” she reached out and touched his cheek, gently. The skin on her hand was smooth and soft, feeling amazing on the just a bit of stubble on his cheek. Lukkus growled as her touch sent electricity under his skin. “Yeah, yeah you will,” They heard what they assumed was a doorbell somewhere in the house, “I’m going to assume that’s my friend.”

            He leaned and kissed her hard, ignoring the doorbell. Her friend could figure it out herself. He held her tight against him as his lips moved hers and his hips pressed into her belly. Lilly gasped against his mouth, wrapping her arms around his neck. He pulled back as he heard thumping and doors slamming around his house. “Look me up and call my work. Ask for me and we’ll set up a time… Wait until you’re fully healed,” he demanded. “I’ll lead you out.”

            “Will do, Daddy,” she joked and stepped back. She carefully put her pumps back on.

            Lukkus’s eyes widened and turned her back to face him. “What did you call me?” he asked, looking her over. No way was she a sub. Not her. His eyes burned. Maybe she knew about the kid? Fuck what if that would push her away if she didn’t. He shook his head. “Why did you call me ‘Daddy?’” he pleaded to know the answer.


This was the photo I wanted you to have Reiker show you, honey. They got to print out a coloring page and color it for the assignment. His favorite hero.

Aaaaaaaaaand now I’m gonna cry.

Oh don’t cry… just go give the kid some love.


This was the photo I wanted you to have Reiker show you, honey. They got to print out a coloring page and color it for the assignment. His favorite hero.

Aaaaaaaaaand now I’m gonna cry.

Oh don’t cry… just go give the kid some love.

Lukkus groaned as he picked up his phone that was going off. “What do you want?” he asked as he answered knowing it had to be Arden or Ashley. Either way, neither he wanted to talk to. “And do hurry, I have to work in the morning.”

            “Come hold me. I’m sad… And Leo… he misses you… It should be all of us here together,” Ashley’s voice whined. How typical.

            “Is there a real point to this conversation? The kid’s alright, so I’ll see him tomorrow,” he muttered and put his thumb on the end call button.

            “It’s her isn’t it? You’re sleeping with that woman!” she shrieked as she teared up. God, she was so annoying. “What about us? Your son and I?”

            “There is no you and I and the kid is always going to be in my life. My kid, dumbass,” he muttered and almost chucked his phone across the room. Almost. “What Lilly and I do is none of your business, so shut up.”

            “I’m going to kill myself! I hate you!” He rolled his eyes again. How many times had she’d said that since he’d met her, yet there she was… still bitching in his ear.

            “Oh no. Please don’t,” he mumbled dryly, seriously ready for some fucking sleep.

            “I will! You don’t love and no one does,” she sobbed and he should probably feel bad. But he didn’t.

            Lukkus yawned. “You done?”

            “You Ass!” she screamed and hung up. He rolled his eyes and rolled over pressing his face into the pillow falling fast asleep right away.

He rolled his eyes and rolled over pressing his face into the pillow falling fast asleep right away. His sleep was heavy, dreams avoiding him or maybe it was because a few seconds later his phone was going off. “What could you possibly want now?” he groaned as he answered it.

            “Daddy?” piped the little voice.

            He checked the phone again. “What’re you doing with your mother’s phone?” The time clicked in his head. He’d actually been asleep for a good two hours. “Where is she? You should be in bed, kid.”

            Lukkus sat up as he heard the sad tears on the other side, the crocodile tears filling the silence. “Mommy went to the bathroom and she won’t come out. She won’t talk to me, Daddy… I’ve been waiting to go to bed.” That woke him up. “Ok kid… I want you to pack a sleep over bag, ok? I’m going to call a friend and we’re going to all talk together, ok?”

            “Ok, Daddy.” 

            He heard shuffling about and sighed as he put the kid on hold and called 9-1-1. He began to dress and as soon as the line was picked up he got right on with his speech. “My name is Lukkus Smith, I would like to call a probable suicide at 32315 N Washington. My son is on the other line and your job is to dispatch someone out and keep on the line with us until someone arrives. You mention nothing about this problem because it’s his mother. What’s your name?”

            He cut her off. “Katherine, send them out while I patch the kid on.” He turned to the other line. “Kid? My friend Miss Katherine is on the other line. We’re going to talk to her ok?” he said calmly as he moved down the steps.

            “Ok Daddy,” he whimpered

            Lukkus hit the connector button. “Hey, kid… be strong for me. Miss Katherine, go ahead and talk, I’m getting on my bike to get to him. I’m Bluetooth so it’s legal.” Lukkus dimly paid attention to the conversation being held as he started his bike, connecting his phone to the practically soundproof helmet hooked with a Bluetooth. “Hey kid, he broke in when he found the chance, when the police get there to see Mommy, let them in. No one else but me and them are allowed to come in, ok?”

            “Yes, Daddy.”

            “You’re great, kid,” he smirked and revved his bike before speeding of. He was halfway there when the police arrived and he allowed himself to be separated from the call. He hit a red light and dialed up Lilly. It was late so he wasn’t surprised he hit her voicemail. “Hey… Look. Something’s up and I can’t talk about it now. Not that I don’t trust you, I’m just not sure what it all is yet, so I won’t make it to our lunch date tomorrow. I’ll keep you updated.” He hung up and arrived at Ashley’s house and it was not a promising sight as he saw a gurney with a filled black bag on it. “Fuck.”


i love talking while i stroke him like it’s no big deal


i love talking while i stroke him like it’s no big deal

Dec 8

i likesurprisinghimbywearingnounderwear


i like

Dec 8


*squeals* Yay! Are they going to induce her soon? It’s been a week and a half since her due date.

If she’s not popped by 42 weeks we’re going to get her induced… but… She’s… She wants to /try/ having him naturally. Without drugs. But at the hospital.

Well let us know as soon as there’s any information on her baby coming out then we’ll be up. Right, Brys?



*squeals* Yay! Are they going to induce her soon? It’s been a week and a half since her due date.

If she’s not popped by 42 weeks we’re going to get her induced… but… She’s… She wants to /try/ having him naturally. Without drugs. But at the hospital.

Well let us know as soon as there’s any information on her baby coming out then we’ll be up. Right, Brys?

Dec 8


Connie is keeping my little Granson. Naming him after Lukkus- But Daddy doesn’t know yet. *wink* Don’t want him to know until the little bundle is born.

We’ll go. *smile* Whenever you want.

*squeals* Yay! Are they going to induce her soon? It’s been a week and a half since her due date.



Connie is keeping my little Granson. Naming him after Lukkus- But Daddy doesn’t know yet. *wink* Don’t want him to know until the little bundle is born.

We’ll go. *smile* Whenever you want.

*squeals* Yay! Are they going to induce her soon? It’s been a week and a half since her due date.